Reality TV And Cranes: 3 Surprising Jobs That Cranes Have Tackled On The Tube

25 March 2015
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Cranes tackle heavy jobs that wouldn't be possible otherwise. And, for the most part, they do their job quietly away from the scrutiny of the public eye. However, reality TV has made it possible for people to see cranes perform awe-inspiring feats of strength from the comfort and safety of their own home. From humongous fish aquariums to antique gold dredges, cranes have performed dramatic jobs on the tube, and the public has been delighted to watch. Following are just a few of the surprising jobs that cranes have tackled on television. 

Fish Aquarium

Have you ever seen a fish aquarium dangling over a house on your street? Well, that's exactly what residents close to the Gleneagles Golf Course in Scotland saw when the guys from the TV show "Tanked" installed a massive acrylic aquarium in a private home. The installation cost a whopping $1.6 million and required a crane to be transported from London to Scotland to complete the job. There wasn't a crane large enough in Scotland to lift the aquarium!

Gold Dredge

Viewers were on pins and needles while they watched a crane - which was a little bit too small for the job it was given - hoist pieces of of a 75-year-old gold dredge that was being put back together by Tony Beets, a gold miner followed by the reality TV show "Gold Rush." As the many pieces of the dredge were assembled, Beets pushed his crane and his men to their limits. The crane struggled to lift heavy pieces, which dangled and swung precariously, threatening everyone on the ground below. In the end, the crane successfully completed the job and no one was hurt. 

Swimming Pool

An unfortunate crane accident went viral on a popular video streaming website recently. The video, which depicts a large swimming pool being hoisted over a house, became popular not so much for the pool dangling over the house as it did for the crane tipped over in front of the house. The crane, which tipped over due to operator error, had to be rescued by by another, larger crane. 

In today's age of reality TV and viral videos, people can enjoy watching construction projects and amazing feats pulled off by heavy machinery that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to. And while it's easy to walk blindly past a crane that's busy at a local construction site, it's hard to ignore one that's featured in one of your favorite shows.  (For more information, contact American Equipment Inc)