Why Should You Choose Class C Fire Extinguishers For Your Home?

1 June 2015
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If you're seeking a better way to protect your home, purchase Class C fire extinguishers. Unlike water-based fire extinguishers, Class C fire extinguishers use dry chemicals to put out electrical fires in the kitchen, bathroom and basement. Dry chemicals prevent accidental electrical shocks and electrocutions. Here are reasons to use Class C extinguishers, as well as tips for choosing and using your extinguishers once you get them.

Stops Electrical Fires Caused by Bad Wiring

One of the most common types of fires are caused by malfunctioning electrical wiring in your appliances, as well as in your home's circuit breaker, walls and ceiling. The wiring in these locations can break off or rot over time.

Instead of conducting electricity properly, damaged wiring can create small sparks that react with oxygen to cause fires. Electrical fires can spread rapidly once they ignite wood, insulation without a vapor-retardant coating, and other combustible material. 

Class C extinguishers emit a dry chemical that blankets or coats the source of a fire. The coating is flame-retardant, which means it doesn't absorb the fire's flames and heat.

Puts Out Fires Caused by Overheating Appliances

Another source of electrical fires is overloaded circuitry in your home. Damaged wiring found in the stove and other large appliances can overheat when you use them for long periods of time, such as roasting or baking meat. 

Your Class C extinguisher's contents are safe to place directly inside or on a burning appliance, such as on broken elements and burners, without creating sparks. However, you'll need to clean the appliance with soap, water and scrubbing brush as soon as possible to keep the extinguisher's contents from sticking to it and rusting.

Things to Look for in Class C Extinguishers

When you purchase your Class C extinguishers, be sure to choose the right sizes to use safely. Large extinguishers may be too heavy to handle during emergency situations. You may not have time to adjust the weight of the equipment and pull the pin at the same time when you use them. It's a good idea to purchase several small extinguishers that you and other people can use together.

Also, consider using rechargeable Class C extinguishers to save money. If you don't, you'll need to reorder your equipment to replace those you use during emergencies. 

If you have concerns about fire extinguishers or how to use them in the home, contact a supplier like Ace Fire Protection for additional details.