How Your Employees Are Wasting Energy With Your Refrigeration Unit -- And How To Fix The Problem

1 November 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


In your commercial or industrial business, you might rely on a refrigeration unit to keep food products or other products that need to be refrigerated safe. Making sure that your refrigeration unit is as energy efficient as possible and keeping up with maintenance can help you conserve energy use, but there are other problems that you need to look out for as well.

For example, there is a good chance that your employees are wasting energy with your refrigeration unit without you even realizing it. These are a few potential ways that they are doing so, and a few tips for what you can do about it.

Leaving the Door Open

When your employees are busy at work, they might leave the door to your refrigeration unit open, such as by propping it open. This can obviously make the work day a lot easier for busy employees, but it can waste a lot of electricity and can even affect the safety of your products.

One excellent solution that will work for your employees, help conserve energy and help keep products cool is to install a strip door. The strip door will help hold cool air in but will be easier for employees to walk in and out of, thus eliminating all of these problems.

Leaving the Light On

Leaving the light on in your cooler can obviously waste energy; this is true because the light itself uses energy, plus, it produces heat, which means that your refrigeration system has to work harder to combat this added heat. Incorporate a rule that the light is to always be turned off when there is no one inside of the refrigeration unit.

Not Loading it Properly

Your refrigeration unit has to be loaded properly for optimal results. Stacking too many items up in front of the vents inside of the cooler can affect the temperature inside, for example. Take the time to train your employees how to properly load your commercial refrigerator.

Not Cleaning

Your commercial refrigeration system needs to be cleaned regularly. For example, all of its parts should be dusted to help keep the system running like it is supposed to. Your employees might not know that they should do this, so consider creating a cleaning schedule for dusting off the coils and other essential parts. Then, you can ensure that this cleaning gets done as it is supposed to.

It's entirely possible that your employees are wasting energy with your refrigeration unit without even realizing it. Luckily, there are changes you can make to fix this problem. Contact a company like Sparks Refrigeration for more information.