Constructing Your New Commercial Location With the Help of a Metal Fabrication Company

3 December 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Investing in the construction of a new building to house your business can be exciting. While contractors and electricians are needed to complete the construction project, many business owners overlook the important role a metal fabrication company can play in the construction process.

Here are three ways that your company can rely on a metal fabricator when constructing a new commercial building in the future.

1. A metal fabricator can create stair rails.

If your construction plan includes stairs, you will need to install stair railings to ensure that employees and customers can safely navigate these stairs. A metal fabricator has the ability to create stair railings to your exact specifications.

In addition to ensuring that the stair railings fall within the 30 to 37 inch height requirement set forth by OSHA, a skilled fabrication company can create decorative railings that will add aesthetic value to your completed commercial building.

2. A metal fabricator can build custom supports for your outdoor signage.

In order to ensure that your company is successful in your new commercial location, it can be beneficial to install outdoor signage advertising your services. If you plan to attach your sign to the side of your building, you will need a specialized support system to keep the sign firmly in place.

Working with a metal fabrication company can be a great way to gain access to the custom supports needed to keep your sign safely hung. Since the dimensions of each sign differ, a metal fabricator can design a support system that both meets the unique support needs of your sign, and looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

3. A metal fabricator can create unique design elements that will add to the appeal of your building.

Drawing customers to your new location is essential when it comes to the success of your business. A metal fabrication company can assist you in your marketing efforts by helping you create landmark pieces that will be easily recognizable.

If you want to add an archway over the entrance to your parking lot or a clock tower to the front of your new building, then working with a skilled metal fabricator is a good idea. These metal items can be fabricated in the shop and shipped to your construction site ready for installation.

There are many ways in which a metal fabrication company can help your company during the construction phase of a new commercial location. Consider hiring a metal fabricator, such as Suburban Welding & Steel LLC, to create stair rails, signage supports, or unique design elements in the future.