A Few Things To Consider When Having The Heating For Your Restaurant Installed

17 March 2016
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If you are building a restaurant, at some point you are going to have to have the heating system installed. You might have a great relationship with the HVAC technician that services your home. However, commercial heating is a bit different; be sure to hire a company that has experience with it and not just residential systems. An efficient heating system can save you quite a bit of money when trying to heat a whole restaurant. Once you have found the right company, here are a few things you need to consider when discussing the job.

Kitchen Size and Location

To determine what size heating system you need, the contractor needs to know how big the restaurant is going to be. In addition, knowing how big the kitchen portion will be and where it is needs to be considered as well. You want both your customers and employees to be comfortable. The kitchen is going to be warmer than the dining room because of the cooking appliances, therefore the heat to it can be minimal. In addition, you do not want your refrigerators and freezers to have to work harder because the room is too hot. However, as patrons come in and out of the restaurant cold air comes in too, this makes heating the dining room more difficult. Having a system that has multiple controls is the best way to go.

Location of the Unit

Many residential heating units are located inside the home or, in the case of a heating and cooling unit, on the ground outside the home. However, most commercial units are installed on the roof. This gives you more storage space for the restaurant supplies while protecting the system from outside interference. Employees and customers won't be tempted to sit on the unit and it will be out of the way of people driving around the parking lot.

Modular Unit

If you think that you may be expanding the restaurant, it would be a good idea to get a modular heating unit. This will allow you to add on to the system without the need for separate new unit. If the restaurant is in a mall or plaza, this can be handy when taking over one of the adjacent spaces for the growth of your business.

The technology for a residential and commercial heating system is the same. However, there are enough other differences that necessitate using a commercial heating professional instead of the technician who works on your home unit. Having the right system, and keeping it properly maintained will help keep your business profitable.

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