3 Advantages of Adding a Rotary Table to Your CNC Machine

14 February 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The basic idea behind a rotary table is to hold a workpiece in place and allow for the piece to be rotated along a precise axis so that the piece can be subjected to highly precise tooling. Rotary tables allow for more precise metalwork applications to take place on a workpiece.   

Rotary tables can be used for manual applications. However, they can also be attached and used with CNC machines. CNC machines are computerized numerical controlled machines that depend upon the use of codes that are entered into their software systems to determine what the machine does.   

CNC machines are not a singular type of machine; this technique can be used with a wide range of machines, from lathes to turning mills, and can be used with a wide range of modification products, such as a rotary table. A person controls the computer and tells it what to do instead of operating the machine manually.   

Adding a rotary table to a CNC machine can offer many operational benefits that enhance what you can do with the machine.   


One of the most significant advantages of adding a rotary table to your CNC machine is that the machine is now more adaptable. By adding a rotary table, you can do more with the machine without investing in a new machine. Being able to adapt an existing machine to perform more tasks increases the utility of the machine at a fraction of the cost that it would take to purchase an entirely new machine. You can make your machine more adaptable and efficient by adding a rotary table.   

More Precision  

By adding a rotary table onto an existing CNC machine, you will have the ability to undertake more complex tasks with more precision. A rotary table will hold the item being worked on in place, allowing for more precise metalwork tasks to occur. This allows you to craft more advanced pieces that require more detailed work.  


Finally, adding a rotatory table to your CNC machine can be a great way to save production time. With a rotary table, you can undertake more complex tasks using the same machine, which means that instead of transferring the item to another machine for finishing tasks, those finishing tasks can take place with the same machine. By taking care of all possible crafting and finishing tasks simultaneously with the same machine, you can save time with the overall production of the item.   

If you want to increase the productivity of your CNC machine, adding a rotatory table will increase the functionality of the machine and allow you to undertake more precise metalworking tasks using the same machine. For more information on rotary table products, contact a company such as Koma Precision.