Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Hydraulic Door Systems

7 April 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Investing in a hydraulic door system can be a great way to improve operations at your industrial facility. Do your research so that you're well-informed about hydraulic door systems and don't make inaccurate assumptions about them.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about hydraulic door systems.

The installation process for hydraulic door systems will interrupt facility operations for a long time.

With careful planning, you don't have to worry that hydraulic door system installation will interfere with your facility operations. You may be able to have your installation done outside of your facility's normal hours of operation so that the installation procedure doesn't interfere with your facility's productivity at all. 

Hydraulic door systems aren't worth their cost.

Having a hydraulic door system installed at your industrial facility will require a significant upfront investment. However, having a hydraulic door system installed can also boost your facility's productivity. 

Over the long term, a hydraulic door system may pay for itself by increasing your company's profits through increased facility productivity. 

Hydraulic door systems are all the same.

Choose your hydraulic door system carefully. These systems can offer many different features like filtration systems that minimize maintenance needs and all-in-one manifold designs that minimize the likelihood of leak development in the system.

You'll want to do your research in order to choose a hydraulic door system that has the features you need to maximize your hydraulic door system's effectiveness and reliability.

Hydraulic door systems malfunction a lot.

Hydraulic door systems that are properly maintained shouldn't malfunction frequently. Get your hydraulic door on a maintenance schedule. If you have your system inspected and you lubricate moving parts regularly, your hydraulic door system should function reliably for a long time. 

Hydraulic door systems won't make any difference regarding your facility's productivity.

Hydraulic door systems can significantly improve facility productivity by speeding up movement in and out of your facility and through your facility interiors. When your staff members don't have to manually open and close facility doors, they can get routine work tasks done faster. 

Hydraulic door systems are dangerous.

Some industrial facility managers worry about safety with hydraulic door use. They may be concerned that equipment holding a hydraulic door open can malfunction so that the door becomes unstable and may fall and injure those beneath.

However, a well-designed and properly installed hydraulic door system is safe and can actually help prevent injuries by allowing staff members to avoid the constant exertion of opening and closing heavy doors manually. For more information on powerlift hydraulic door systems, contact a company near you.