3 Beautiful, Affordable Options For Kitchen Countertops

20 January 2015
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Granite is one of the most used materials for kitchen countertops today. It is strong and durable, very eye-catching, and goes well with any design including casual and rustic or warm and traditional. While granite may be a favorite choice, it's not the only option available to homeowners today. Granite can be expensive and take some time to cut and install, and some homeowners worry about the impact on the environment when it comes to harvesting granite for use in kitchens. Whatever your reasons for thinking about other choices for kitchen countertops, consider some great alternatives you might want to keep in mind.

1. Poured cement or concrete

One great advantage of poured cement or concrete is that it can be shaped and molded a variety of way, and then painted or stained and even buffed for any type of finished look. If you have a very modern kitchen and want to make a dramatic statement, you might curve the concrete around your countertops. If you prefer the look of granite or slate, you can have the concrete painted or stained to look very similar. A buff can make it look like glass.

Another advantage of poured cement or concrete is that it's very affordable. You can get any of these customized looks in your kitchen for a fraction of the price of these other materials, while still having a very durable countertop that will last for years.

2. Stainless steel

Stainless steel countertops can give your kitchen the look of a professional, commercial restaurant. It works well with a modern design or can be put over dark kitchen countertops to break up the look and bring in a metal element. The steel can be bent and fit over your cabinets, so it's quick and easy to apply. It's also very durable and completely recyclable, so even if you decide to pull up your countertops at a later date, you can keep them out of landfills.

3. Butcher-block

Traditional butcher-block countertops have a casual feeling to them, and the wood is a great choice for breaking up the look of white cabinets. The material is very durable and lasts for decades, and it's also completely recyclable. It's also much cheaper than granite, and if you choose a more sustainable wood like bamboo, you know you're not hurting the environment by harvesting it for use. Butcher-block is a very affordable choice and a great option for making your kitchen look casual yet warm and inviting.

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