Pallet Racks Can Help Make Your Warehouse Pallet-Safe

5 February 2016
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Pallets could be a danger in your warehouse, especially if they are not properly handled or stored. Abandoned pallets could cause all kinds of accidents for different reasons. The following guide will help you find ways to improve pallet safety in your place of business and show you how integral pallet racking systems are for your work. 

The Problem With Abandoned Pallets

One of the problems you need to worry about is pallets left on the floor of the warehouse. There is a chance that one of your employees could trip and injure him or herself. The issue is only made worse if the employee was already carrying a large load or a forklift was being used, which could cause a bigger accident. 

One of the best things you can do is make sure you have appropriate pallet racks to ensure your employees have a place to secure unused pallets.

Weeding Out the Size of a Pallet 

One thing that threatens the stability of your pallets when they are stacked is that one or more of the pallet varies in size. Keeping all the pallets you have in a pallet rack should make it easier to weed out any pallet that might be different in size. This also ensures that any pallets that you stack on top of a bottom layer will have strong foundational support; this will also minimize the chance of a pallet tipping over, which could cause damage or a serious accident. 

Adding Additional Protection Should Be A Breeze

One of the accidents that could occur with a pallet is that it falls on one or more of your employees. This is an accident that your pallet racks can help you avoid in many different ways, like some of the following:

  • You can install safety nets or wire mesh guards (which are a stronger option) to keep stacked pallets inside of the pallet racks. These nets should stop any pallet that might have been misplaced from tipping over and falling down. 
  • Consider installing shock absorbers, like bumper guards or post cushions, around your pallet guard. This should help ensure that any blow that the rack received is absorbed without disturbing the integrity of your pallet stacking. 

There are other options that could help make your warehouse more pallet-safe, and you can talk to your pallet representative to get other suggestions. But, as you can see, pallet racks may help reduce accidents in your place of business. Contact a business, such as Commercial Hardware, for more information.